Open call for data partnership!

Welcome to Helen Partner Platform. This is a manifestation of our inspirations on making the world a better place by opening up our data for our existing and new partners, be it for business, research, personal use or just out of curiosity.

We hope this to encourage new innovative solutions on tackling the hottest challenges humankind has wittnessed in making the world more sustainable.

Using Helen’s data

To make the world sustainable, we first need to understand how it operates. Helen is opening data sets via API access and showing how we can make better informed decisions that are backed up by real data.

API access

Seeing the data helps only so far. We are aspiring to create the best in class APIs in energy management. These APIs will enable buildings to become smarter and take active role in managing their energy consumption and footprint.

Joining forces — Become a partner

We are interested in hearing from you and finding ways to partner up with academia and businesses of all sizes to create a better future.

Please help us by talking to us to better understand how we can help you in your new ideas come to fruition.